The Best Casino Sites to Play Video Poker

Playing video poker has been popular for a while now, as it is a perfect type of online entertainment for gambling enthusiasts that enjoy playing table games. We’ve gathered some of the most essential information about video poker, its vari...ations, and the ways it is played. We’ve also made our best and shared the most working strategies and odds, rules, as well as a list of the best online video poker sites.

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How Do We Choose Best Online Video Poker Sites

Poker is considered one of the most popular and exciting casino games among Canadians, and while online entertainment is gaining popularity, video poker does as well. When it comes to selecting the best video poker casino site, there are a lot of factors to consider and check before we can include them into a list of our recommendations.

Here’s a brief description of criteria we pay our special attention to:



Licensing in the gambling industry is a factor that can never be underemphasized. The license makes a casino safe and trustworthy. Such casinos can be considered trusted and their operation is legal and controlled, so a player should feel safe when sharing their personal information.

Game Providers

Game Providers

Casino sites are responsible for displaying and offering different kinds of games to players, but they are not developing those games. Software developers are those who originally create and provide them to users. We always rate a casino website depending on the selection of games from the most outstanding world’ providers that it has.

Game Selection

Game Selection

The quality and quantity of the games offered are some of the most significant factors we consider while checking online video poker sites. A standard online casino is meant to have a wide variety of video games as well as other casino games. A user should always have a space to choose from.
Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and Promotions

The bonuses available in Canadian casinos are also a signifier of how good a casino is. This is because a casino should not be concerned about making profits alone, but satisfying their customers. So the way how attractive the bonus offers and promotions of a video poker site are, determines how well they value players.
Customer Support

Customer Support

A solid video poker site should be helpful and available each time a user needs customer service’s assistance. All players' complaints and inquiries are to be processed 24/7.
Payment Methods

Payment Methods

A trustworthy online casino should also have a variety of payment options for players to choose from so that they can choose the one they trust more.

Real Money Video Poker Vs Free Video Poker Games

Free Video Poker Games

These are perfect for beginners who are new to the game and so they choose to practice before playing with real money. With free video games, players get to rehearse and practice various hands, odds, and strategies vital to winning the game when it gets to real money.

The concept of free game is that everything that’s done and practised requires zero C$ because it is for free. You do not need to drop a dime or pay any deposit before playing a free video poker game.
There are also demo versions available on different video poker sites, so all that’s left is to choose a casino to start playing. However, since it is a free video poker version, any winnings from it cannot be claimed. It is only the real money video game that allows you to withdraw your wins.

Real Money Video Poker

When choosing to play video poker for real money, one needs to deposit a particular sum, and in case one wins (and all requirements are met), one can withdraw a win from a casino site. It all starts with you selecting the best video poker casino site of your choice, signing up, filling in the necessary details (like name, your age), and making the first deposit. The real money casino allows players to enjoy all the games available without any limitation and have a chance to win big.

Besides, when choosing to play video poker with a deposit, a player will get access to all the features available at a casino. These include bonuses and promotions, a wide variety of games, and different payment methods.

Best Video Poker Game Variety

Online casino video poker can be of various kinds, giving players an option to choose whichever they prefer to play the most.

Among the most popular types are:

Jacks or Better

This is one of the most popular variants of video poker games and it has captured the hearts of players in Canada.

In this variation of a game, also called Draw Poker, payouts begin at a pair of jacks. A player gets full pay, at the final hand, that is known as 9/6 Jacks or better (9 refers to times of bet for full house, while 6 – times of bet for a flush). This variant of video poker is further broken down into different versions with different flush and full house payouts.

Deuces Wild

This is a kind of video poker game in which all the deuces (2s) are counted as wild, and they can substitute any other type of card on a desk. It makes players’ chances to win the game higher, though a paytable might be a little bit tighter.

Aces of Eights

This is another variant of video poker games, but it is also quite similar to Jacks or Better in some aspects. What differentiates them significantly is that in Aces and Eights, getting four Aces and Eights gives you a more significant profit. Also, in this version, 4 of a kind has a payout of 400 coins.

Double Bonus

This video poker is a variant of Jacks or Better, but it comes with a bonus payout for four aces. Its payout offers a theoretical return of 100.2 per cent.

Some Video Poker Terms

  • House Edge – one of the most common terms that applies to every casino game. It refers to the percentage a casino retains in the long run. House edge allows casinos always to be the last man standing after everything.
  • Four of a Kind – this refers to a ‘hand’ in video poker, and it is considered one of the best hands. This hand comprises four cards that are identical in rank.
  • Hold in online video poker is an icon that allows a player to pick the cards one desires. It pops up after a player receives the first five cards, so they can decide whether to draw new ones or keep the ones.
  • Face Cards refers to cards that display faces on their pictures, and they are: Jack, King and Queen.
  • Full house – it is also known as ‘full boat’ or ‘tight’. It simply refers to a hand with two cards of the same rank and three cards of another class.
  • Odds – this is the mathematical probability of getting a specific hand.
  • Pair is a VP hand that comprises two cards of the same value.

How to Win Online Video Poker

Before describing the main principles and tips of how video poker online works, it should be mentioned that it is very different from the game we see in movies.

Online format of video poker is played against casinos, and it is actually more like real money slots than a regular game that is played around a table. To win some money, specific strategies are needed. Thus, for video poker casino games, here are some tips to hold on to.

  • Pick the Right Pay Table. In video poker, the machine reveals the expected return on your money right before you start playing. This implies that winning is possible if you check and pick the best device with a good paytable. A paytable is where the scores of your card selection and their earnings will be displayed.

  • Hold Cards. Once the cards are dealt, you can decide to change some of your cards or all of them. The ‘hold’ button is responsible for replacing or retaining the cards.

  • Final Draw. After you decide whether to keep or remove cards, you will click ‘draw’ to see your cards’ final selection. Then you find out if you’ve won or lost.

Video poker online is one of the most exciting games available on sites now. You cannot win if you do not play. We at Casinosters are doing our best to provide you with all the essential information about popular casino games, so you are ready to start winning and cashing out.


What is a good video poker game and where to find one?
Good video poker games are not scarce or hard to find once you know what you are searching for. They are available on different video poker casino sites. Just make sure you choose to play from reputable and safe online casinos.
Is a special software required to play?
No, there isn’t any special software needed to play video poker games. Thanks to permanent technological updates, some of the greatest games are available not only on PC or desktop but also on various mobile devices.
Does video poker differ from a real-life one?
Video poker online is not the same as real-life games, but they have some similarities. The main difference is that in video poker you’re playing against a casino, while a real-life one you do against a physical opponent.
Is video poker free?
It is possible to play video poker for free. Bear in mind that free video poker is just a demo version, so you cannot claim your winnings.
How to be sure that cards being dealt in video poker are not fixed?
Casinos are constantly monitored for any irregularity with the help of gambling audits. Traditional casinos use RNG to ensure that all the cards and results are generated randomly.
How can I win at video poker?
Winning video poker games is not impossible, the thing is it requires strategy and sometimes luck. Learn the tips, techniques and tricks of the game, and you are a step closer to winning.
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