Responsible Gambling

How to define a responsible gambler? A responsible gambler always keeps one’s actions under total control. They never let gaming get ahead of them. Gambling responsible means to get the maximum joy out of the casino experience. At the same time not forgetting about other hobbies that also bring fun.

Here are the main characteristics a responsible gambler acquires:

  • Always controls their bets.
  • Can stop easily at any time.
  • Plays just for fun, not for money.
  • Is not ashamed of gaming.

Safe Gambling Tips

To avoid getting in trouble, check these tips that will help you to always gamble responsibly.

Don’t turn gambling into your job.

While your regular job is where you usually earn money, gambling is where you are expected to simply enjoy the process. There is no need to turn it into a cash-making machine. Try not to take the game too seriously.

Define your personal limits.

Try to define a particular sum of money you’re willing to spend on wagers. This sum should not be too high, remember that it is just for you to play for entertainment. Besides, decide what amount of time you want to spend on gambling and fix this number. Try to follow it without any cop-outs. You have some other deeds that deserve your attention.

Avoid gambling in a bad mood and under the influence of something.

The casino is not a right place to escape from your problems. Negative emotions prevent humans from clear thinking and correct decision making. Therefore, one can spend more money than they was planning to. Be sure that you feel good emotionally every time you decide to spend some time on a game.

This approach can be also applied to the influence of alcohol and drugs. You can’t fully control your actions and thoughts under the influence of something. Better not to come to the casino, both offline and online, in such a condition.

Understand that you can lose.

It is ok that you don’t win every time. Nobody does. Make this thought the dominant one each time you make a wager. Perhaps, accepting losses is one of the most important parts in gambling and winning.

Wagering should not be your only entertainment.

There are a lot of exciting ways to spend your spare time except gambling. The world is full of opportunities, so don’t focus only on gambling. You can always try the hobby you’ve always enjoyed or even try something new.

As you can see, all of the tips mentioned above are not difficult to follow. Just make sure to always control yourself and your gambling habits.

How To Determine Gambling Addiction

Understanding that the problem exists is the most important and, at the same time, the hardest thing for the player. As the majority of people’s bad habits, this can be simply overlooked. Here are some signs of gambling addiction:

  • The only thing you’re thinking about. That’s not a good sign if you think about gambling all the time: at work, while watching a movie or trying to fall asleep. Imagining the slots spinning is not a reality, as there is a whole life around you happening right now. Don’t let gambling control your focus.
  • Hide when you’re playing. Maybe that’s because you do not want to tell others, as they might misunderstand it. Or the reason is you want to amaze them with your big win. Anyway, this is not ok if you hide or lie.
  • You can’t stop. Do you control how much time you spend on gambling? It is essential to be able to quit at any moment. Besides, make sure you’re not spending all your money trying to recoup.
  • You play without money. Unfortunately, the situations when players spend all their personal money at first, and then continue with endless loans they can’t afford, are quite common. And that’s even not the worst part. Be sure that the money you’re depositing is not the last ones you have.
  • Consider what your closest people tell you. Concerns do not usually come from anything. If somebody from your relatives or friends worry about you, do not ignore them and listen to what they tell you. Gamblers can rarely say there is something wrong with their habits. In that case, only other people can help.

In case you have indicated at least one of these signs, consider analysing your habits, and ask for some help if needed. There is absolutely nothing you should be ashamed of. Gambling addiction can become a serious problem that would require professional assistance. And remember that even the most tough players need someone’s helping hand sometimes.

Find Gambling Help for Canadians

Even if a person realises they have some problems with gambling addiction, they are not always able to overcome them alone. For that reason, there are specialised organisations in Canada that can help you with it.

Gamblers Anonymous

The organization’s primary purpose is to carry their message to all of the compulsive gamblers who still suffer. People who seek Gamblers Anonymous for help need only have a desire to stop gambling. They also have a 24/7 hotline available for everyone who is in need to share.

Problem Gambling Helpline in Canada

Counseling is considered the first step to regaining control of the problems that gambling has caused. Eventually it can be helpful in finding the best way to find a long-term solution. Free treatment, including counseling, is available to anyone affected by gambling, including one’s family members. There is a list of gambling helplines across Canada on the Canadian Center of Substance Use and Addiction website. They are confidential and available 24 hours a day.

Connex Ontario

The organization can help in 170 different languages. They are ready to provide you with the information about counselling services and support in your community, book your first appointment with a treatment provider (limited to Ontario residents). Besides that, the operators are always glad to listen, offer support, and provide you with strategies that would help to meet your goals.

The Center for Addiction and Mental Health

The organization has it’s helping centers all over Canada. On the website you can learn where to find your local support groups on problem gambling and the find out more about special programs for adult gamblers and their family members.

Please mind that there are people who really worry about you. Listen to what they tell you and consider their opinion. Gambling should be your choice, but a pleasant one, not an addiction for sure. Be a responsible gambler: set your limits and don’t take it too seriously.

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