Our Mission

We at Casinosters put all our synergies to make gambling an entertaining, safe and simple game. For this purpose, we have started reviewing different Canadian online casinos. We’re a team of gambling experts committed to improving users’ experience in the gaming industry around the world.

Casinosters was started in 2020 and has developed its presence in the online gambling world in such a short time. The rise in the number of online casinos every year has led to increased fraud chances in gambling. Illegal gambling has created problems for players, legal casinos and game providers as well. Our aim is to make the gambling industry clean from fraud and bad practices to allow all players to enjoy this game.

We are neither interested in promoting gambling nor judgmental about the game. Our objective is to ensure the safety of players.

Why To Trust Us

  • Independence. We review casinos with full independence based on our own analysis and conclusions. We don’t take opinions from third parties and don’t get influenced by the third parties who pay to promote their casinos.
  • Experienced team. We have a team of seasoned gamblers, experts, and professional casino developers.
  • We take gambling responsibly. That was the main reason we created Casinosters. We think gambling should provide fun and entertainment rather than a problem. Our aim is to educate players and improve their gambling experience.
  • Individual approach.We perform a detailed analysis of every casino available at our website. We manually check all the features a casino website has and reach any conclusion after a thorough research.

Our Review Criteria

License and Security

We ensure that every casino should obtain a valid license to operate in Canada. We only allow casinos that are licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to get a place on our website. We never allow illegal and fake casinos to get in our recommended list.


Speed and variety. If a website is in our list, it means that it provides different ways to deposit and withdraw money. We make sure no complex and technical issues take place in the payment process.

Device Optimisation

Our lives are dependent on mobile devices, and most users prefer playing on their mobile devices, even though they’ve already tried gambling on pc. We need to make sure that all casinos from our list are optimised for both pc and mobile usage.

Gaming Experience

We all know the importance of quality gaming and how it can influence our experience. The more games a casino provides the higher are the chances for it to end up in our list. That doesn’t mean that those casino websites that have not yet acquired a high number of games are excluded from our list. Our major aim is quality gaming.

Bonus Offers

Every casino now offers special bonuses for their users. However, not all of them can be trusted. We at Casinosters ensure every player gets a reward one deserves without involving high risks and enormous wagering requirements. Bonuses should be easy-to-get and fun for every player.

Customer Service

A user might face difficulties using different types of websites, and casino ones are no exception. To answer all the questions a user has and to quickly solve their problems a website’s customer support service should be accessible at any time. We ensure that a user will get assistance if one needs it, preferably by various means.

Casinosters Team

We are a team of experienced gambling enthusiasts that have experience in the field. All team members at Casinosters are players themselves. Besides, we know our business from the inside. Let’s take a closer look at the professionals we ask you to trust.

  • Casino reviewers. Most of our reviewers are former game developers or expert players who are the vanguard of our team. Each of them has more than three years of experience in both offline and online gambling, and the expertise to play various types of games. We’ve created a place where you can find both a dealer with 10 years in Vegas and a professional poker player reviewing the websites.
  • Legal adviser. A legal expert is a person responsible for checking all the casinos from our list. Mainly, their terms and conditions and their accordance to the gambling commission’s requirements. Therefore, we always have a legal professional, who can advise us on any legal question we might face during our work.
  • Communication specialist. This person is responsible for all our external communications and affairs.
  • Site admin and management. In order to keep our website running smoothly, up to date, and beautiful as it is now, we have our site admin, who constantly looks over it. Besides, our management team prioritises all the tasks and comes up with strategic plans for our future growth.
Monica Raines Casino reviewer
Being able to rely on Monica's knowledge and passion is a privilege for anyone interested in iGaming. Her keen attention to detail ensures that every exciting bonus, game, or app won't slip through her fingers. She has been writing and playing professionally for years, which makes her the perfect jack of all trades.
Brian Morin Casino Reviewer, Content Editor
Brian works in iGaming since 2018 reviewing online casinos, writing guides, and trying new games and strategies. His rich experience in gambling helps the Casinosters team provide you with honest reviews, profitable bonuses, and rewards. Brian is a big fan of video slots and traditional casino card games.

How Do We Make Money

Casinosters is an affiliate website that reviews online casinos and improves each user’s gambling experience. We do not sell any gambling services directly. What is more, we are not paid by any third party casinos in order to promote them directly or to provide exceptionally good reviews about their sites. Instead, we get compensation for every user who signs up and plays at any online casino found on our website.

We create every review independently, and there is no way for any casino to influence our thoughts and final assumptions. Actually, there are so many professionals as well as decent establishments that it makes no sense not to play fair.

Affiliate models have already become a common practice on different markets. For instance, such world-known online stores like Amazon and travel platforms like booking.com have affiliate programs as well. Affiliation is profitable for both parties, as it allows influencers, bloggers, and websites similar to ours provide real feedback. Casino websites would be short-sighted not to use this popular marketing strategy as well.

Affiliation agreement does not affect a website’s reputation. Instead of forcing our users to choose a specific casino website, we rather provide full information about each one and place them to the corresponding categories, so you can easily find one. Every choice made through our website would lead to a small compensation for our team. That means online casino providers have to compete and improve their services in case they want to engage the clients through us. And that’s the only possible way.

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